Secondhand Suffering

by Mercy Blow

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released March 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Mercy Blow Delaware

Eric - Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Izzi - Bass
Michael "The Defender" Thomas - Drums

FB: @mercyblowhc
IG: @mercyblowhc
TW: @mercyblow

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Track Name: Of Null
In my mind
It's all so clear
I understand nothing I fear
Conflicted by both sides of the coin
I'm sick of who I am
And how I disappoint.

These thoughts keep me up at night
Between what's wrong
And what's right.

Take no prisoners
Take no shit
No fucking time for fools.
Track Name: Purge
So here I am again
Stuck in a rut
Pacing back and forth biting my own tongue

So here I am again
Left here to rot and my stomach in knots

Broken words
Broken bones
This is my life
No lessons learned

What's the point
Why am I here?

Respecting few
None to fear

Clenching my fists until they bleed
Nobody's fucking coming back for me
So serenade me
Sing me back to sleep
And put me out of my misery

Choking on splinters
The door was slammed shut
So I make due with what I got
With what I got

Here I am again

Crucify me
Track Name: No Man's Fool (feat. Charlie. Gunishment)
Stuck inside my fucking mind
With this knife deep in my back
I try to pull it
But it's too deep
Thanks to you
I know nothing but pain

Stuck inside my fucking mind
With these thoughts of self hate
Nothing but pain

With both my hands on my face from this bad atmosphere
And all these tears from torment couldn't be sincere
All the lies from your throat
They don't mean shit
I'm tired of this world and it's politics

Retrace my steps
To resolve
My life
But all I do is hurt myself in the worst way

In the worst way

Refuse to be a target
Refuse to be one's fool

Which way is the wrong path
That you'll point me in this time

Fuck you
For always trying to
Fuck me

You, you point me in the wrong way

Two faced snake
Your life is shit
You did it
You fucked up
I wash my hands of this

Everything you've done
It means nothing
Track Name: Secondhand Suffering
Caught in this strife
What is my life?
Nothing but second guessing
I'm sick of questioning everything I see in my life
And pretend everything is alright

I took my time to fix it all up
All that I did was never enough
I'm sick and tired of giving up
"I said it's fine, just leave me alone"

Picked apart
Piece by piece
Pressured to succeed
I am nothing to me

Misery in me
I can't feel
I can't think
I can't breath
From the shit you shoveled onto me
I've fuckin had it
I can't do it
I'm giving up
I've given up
I'm fucking done

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
I never win
I always lose
Fall to my knees
Look at the sky
I'm sick and tired of asking why
I am the way that I am
Will my life be like this till the bitter end?

When I'm alone
I can't help but feel down
I feel like i'm no one
No king No crown
And when things are looking up
I can't help but fuck up
Because I'm drowning in my fears
Blood, sweat, and tears